You’re not feeling well?
Olly will check it!

Olly eliminates the need to search online for possible diseases. Our app was co-developed by health experts and analyzes your symptoms in just a few steps.

Olly Health - Mobile Symptom Checker


Olly will help you in a few steps and in a few minutes to get to the bottom of the possible causes of your symptoms.

Advanced technology

Our app works with artificial intelligence and achieves an accuracy of 93%* in medical case studies.

Medical appointment

Based on your insurance model we’ll help you navigate to the appropriate care and find a suitable doctor in your area.


Answer a few questions about why you are not feeling well. Olly will give you a well-founded result with possible causes within a few minutes.

Decision support

Olly helps you to better understand your symptoms and suggests the next steps depending on your urgency.

Go directly to the next step 

Depending on the insurance model, book a doctor’s appointment directly or call your telemedicine provider.

Go directly to the
next step

Depending on the insurance model, book a
doctor’s appointment directly or call your
telemedicine provider.

A few questions and answers about Olly

How does the symptom check work?

Olly will ask you for general information such as age and gender at the beginning. The app will then ask you specific questions about your symptoms. You will then be shown your personal results.

Why is this currently a test or pilot project?

Olly is currently still in development and not in the final version. There may still be errors in the app. Please do not consider the evaluation of your symptoms as a medical diagnosis.

What happens with my data?

Your personal data is safe with us and will never be sold to third parties. Your data will never be given to health insurance companies in any form. Your symptoms are always evaluated anonymously.

Who is behind Olly?

Behind Olly is a young team from Sparrow Ventures, which has made it its mission to develop innovative solutions in the health sector that improve the quality of life of the Swiss population.

Note: Olly does not provide a medical diagnosis and is especially not suitable for use in medical emergencies. Olly is a test app, which is in the development phase.


* case reports from BMJ, NEJM, JAMA. Source: Infermedica Sp. z.o.o., Wroclaw